Monday, April 21, 2014

Bumpdate - 16 weeks

So what has been going on this week? The BIG "going on" of the week was finding out we were having a baby GIRL! Oh my gosh that has just made everything even more awesome. Now my mind can at least half way focus. Okay not really, but it is so fun thinking of nurseries, names, clothes, etc.

We also had our families up for Easter because I'm still rocking the ol' placenta and spotting. Hopefully our appointment this Wednesday will be good news and I'll be a little more flexible. I praise God though for a healthy baby girl that is still growing away. If I have to sit on this couch for 5 more months, by golly I will do it.

Baby girl already got spoiled with an Easter basket and gifts from her grandparents. She is one lucky kid! I'll make sure to remind her that every day ;)

How far along? 16 weeks

Baby Size: Avocado

Maternity Clothes: No but I did finally get a belly band so I can still wear by work pants. It was getting a little wild wearing my pants undone all day.

Movement? I thought for a second I had felt little one move, but I must have been wrong because I haven't felt it sense. Maybe I want it so back I'm just making things up in my head? Haha. 

Food cravings/adversions? None. Still just want everything.  Mostly if someone else makes it or it's in a boxI want it. Why can't I crave broccoli and salads?

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? Nada. 

What I miss: No spotting. 

Symptoms? Spotting is about all I've been having along with some cramps throughout the day. I get really exhausted after doing simple tasks and cramp up down my sides, so I've tried to make trips to the store as few and far between as I have to. Jeff has helped SO much pick up my slack. Gosh, thank the LORD for that husband of mine.

Best moment this week? Finding out we were having a girl!!!

And getting to see our families this weekend for Easter. Always a treat to have them and/or see them!

Workouts: Still off limits. I actually had a dream I was working out and woke up terrified I had hurt the baby. Oh dreams, why do you have to feel so real sometimes?

Gender:  GIRL!

Sleep? Sleep is good! I am pretty sure little Piper is going to have to move soon because girl sleeps right up against my stomach. It's getting uncomfortable and she gets so sad when I move her. She comes right back and tries it again. Too funny.

Daddy-isms: There really is nothing sweeter to me than hearing Jeff talk to or about our little baby. Now than I'm slowly getting a little bigger he will put his hand on my stomach and tell baby girl hello. He has been looking high and low for girl names and I don't know, just something about it makes me grin from hear to hear. She is going to have one great daddy.

What I'm looking forward to? Doctor's appointment Wednesday to check on baby girl and feeling baby girl move around!

Wisdom or other thoughts? I'm just praying one of these days my spotting goes away so I can go through one day without being nervous or scared. I'm so ready for school to be out so I am not up and walking often throughout the day. Gotta keep this girl in there for another 5 months! 

Other than that, I am so in love with this child I can't hardly stand it. I thank God every day for blessing us and am so thankful he trusted us with one of his children. I look forward to feeling little one so I know she is save and sound in there :)

It's a…...

We are so, so, so thrilled to announce…….

This took ALL that I had to get even this picture. Poor girl was terrified of that sign.

Now my mind is spinning with nursery ideas, baby names (hopefully we will pick one soon), and all things baby girl! I think I need to learn how to start making bows :)

Ahhh, we just cannot wait to meet baby girl in September!! Feeling extremly blessed, whichever gender it may have been. And now we all know momma was right ;)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bumpdate - 15 weeks

So what has been going on this week? Same ol', same ol' Which I can't really complain too much about that. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and finally got to meet our doctor for the first time. Thankfully now I will know him before we deliver ;) Plus he was a KU fan so I was instantly hooked. All I know is this spotting and cramping can BE GONE with it's bad self. 

How far along? 15 weeks

Baby Size: Orange or Peach

Maternity Clothes: None, but after getting poked by a safety pin in my work pants three times today...I'd say it is time. 

Movement? Nada but I cannot WAIT to feel little one kicking all around

Food cravings/adversions? Still wanting juuuust about everything. I'm hungry all.of.the.time. I even have to eat in front of my kids in class I get so dang hungry. 
Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? Negative. Thankful for that!!

What I miss: Just not being scared about all of this spotting business. 

Symptoms?  Spotting, gas (yeehaw), and still pretty dang tired all of the time

Best moment this week? Meeting with our doctor and hearing the little heart beat again. We've been staying around the 150s and this time it was 158.

I also love how excited my students are about me having a baby. I was so surprised by their interest. They ask my literally every day something about baby. Now they are just ready for me to find out the gender so I can bring them cookies. Most are guessing a baby boy, one kid told me because there are just more boys in the world.  

Another little girl told me she could tell there was a baby in my stomach. She said, "It's just a tiny little bumpbut I can tell." Haha. Oh goodness.  Oh and I cannot forget that when I was getting after them how one student told me that couldn't be good on the baby. Right on brotha,  so stop your  chatting! :)

Workouts: Off limitshopefully not for the rest of the pregnancy. But I guess this is the first time I've ever had a real excuse. 

Gender:  Still thinking girl. We find out on MONDAY! Well, hopefully. We will wait to spread the news though until we tell our families. What do you all think?!

Sleep? Not too bad this week. I've been pretty sore if I sleep on my left side though. Not sure what's up with that. 

What I'm looking forward to? GENDER SONOGRAM! A few more days!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bumpdate - Week 14

Dang, I am still a week behind but maybe I'll get some energy back and get caught up this week? We can only hope!

So as of this very day, I am actually 15 weeks.

Let's back track to good ol' week 14 shall we?

So what has been going on this week? Well the week actually started off pretty uneventful. It was actually a nice little change! I was feeling confident and finally relaxed a little bit. 

Then the spotting started again and the doctor called me in to have another sonogram to check things out. Not going to lie, it was very scary and stressful but there was nothing like seeing our little sweet pea doing crunches and moving all around. 

This week our little one also got to celebrate my grandma's 80th birthday party. We got all sorts of wild. ;)

How far along? 14 weeks - To some, this was the start of 2nd trimester. Either way, WE MADE IT!

Baby Size: Apple

Maternity Clothes: Now that my work pants have decided not to fit, I think I'm going to have to invest in a bellaband. Some days I swear I wake up back to normal though. Craziest thing!

Movement? No siree. I LOVED being able to little one moving all around on the sonogram though. Hopefully in a few short weeks I will feel it. 

Food cravings/adversions? No aversions really. I want anything and everything in relation to food though! And I mean anything…haha

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? Nada. 

What I miss: Still my energy and the days where I wasn't scared every day.

Symptoms?  Same as last week. Spotting and very, very tired. 

Best moment this week? Seeing our little kicker on the sonogram. Can't wait to do it again at 16 weeks!

Last week I also got this print from the one and only Shay and I am obsessed!  If you need a watercolor print, hit her UP! I can't wait until we get started on the baby's room so we can put this up.

Workouts: Doc said off limits, so I guess I better stop eating sour patch kids and chips. Whoops.

Gender: I'm getting so confused. I still think girl but ahhh I just don't know. C'mon April 14th!

Sleep? Sleep is good!

What I'm looking forward to? Our doctor's appointment this upcoming week where we get to finally meet our doctor. Then off course the gender sonogram. Pink or blue?! We shall seeeeee.

Wisdom or other thoughts? Just continuing to pray for a healthy baby and that God takes care of the little one in there. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Bumpdate - Week 13

(I'm actually 14 weeks yesterday , but I had to catch up from last week since it's now the ONLY picture I now have of the "bump dates")

Week 13, ahhhh the week I had been dying to get to. The week I just knew I'd feel a tiny tad less worried. Well, I'm still worried but I do feel better knowing that little sweet pea is still a growing, growing, and growing some more. Without the fetal doppler my sister-in-law let me borrow, pretty sure I'd still be worried all of the time. Is it just me or does everyone worry like I do?

I had "bumpdates" for all the previous weeks starting from week 4, but sadly my camera card decided to stop working and now they are all gone, gone, gone

So here we go…starting so fresh and clean at week 13. 

Excuse the dirty chalkboard…I tend to make a lot of mistakes ;)

So what has been going on this week? On Tuesday, I went to my doctor's appointment I scheduled in Cali after having some very scary spotting go down. Thank the Lord all looked good and baby's heart was beating away at 158 bpm! He/she kept moving while she was checking the heart beat and I have got to say that was one of the best feelings ever. Now I just can't wait to see the little one again on the sonogram in just a few short weeks (aka GENDER SONOGRAM!!!)

How far along? 13 weeks. Some say 2nd trimester and some say not, so we will go with my app and say 2nd trimester!

Baby Size: Peach

Maternity Clothes: None, but I am about to hit up some stores soon because my jeans are just not feeling this whole pregnant thang these days. Come to me maxi dresses and skirts! Work pants, you can retire.

Movement? Not yet, other than while listening on the doppler and hearing it move around. So dang cool.

Food cravings/adversions? Sweets are what's for dinner I swear. I don't know what it is but lately I have just wanted anything sweet. It's the weirdest thing because I've never ever wanted it that bad and maybe it's all in my headbut oh my lanta it's getting a little out of hand. I still am not feeling anything I make for dinner. I'll eat it, but everything sounds no bueno.

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? Negative. Thankful for that!!

What I miss: Just my energy. Wait, I forgot what that was.

Symptoms?  Other than the spotting and extreme exhaustionnot too much of anything. I've had a few "growing" pains (I think that's what they are) but nothing too bad. 

Best moment this week? Announcing Baby S's arrival on good ol' social media. It's nice to finally get it OUT and be able to talk about the precious little one that has been cooking away. 

Workouts: Yeah.about that. This is the first week I have an excuse though, doc said to lay low and I'm obliging ;) I am going to start walking everyday though because I know baby and I need some action. Now if only someone could teach me how to not be scared I'm going to hurt little one while exercising that'd be great!

Gender:  I've thought girl all along until last week's sonogram we took while in California. I am still pretty certain on the girl feeling, but now I'm kind of up in the air. We shall see soon! We find out April 16th! Yippee!

Daddy-isms of The Week: Throughout our entire trip Jeff would continue to go up to people and show them the sonogram that is the background on his phone like a proud daddy. I loved/love hearing him talk to people about our news.

Sleep? Still pretty good! Bought a bump nest pillow and it is the BOMB! I don't think I probably need it yet, but I'm an awful sleeper anyway and it is seriously amazing.

What I'm looking forward to? GENDER SONOGRAM! C'mon April 16th! We also have an appointment scheduled for April 9th to check baby out. I love love hearing his or her little heartbeat. 

Wisdom or other thoughts? Once again, God is showing me He is guiding my through this pregnancy hand in hand. I've had a few scares and He has showed me that he is there and everything is going be alright. I could never in a million years thank Him enough for our little miracle.

And fetal dopplers are the best anxiety relief I'm pretty sure I could get during pregnancy. I listen to the little heartbeat every day and it makes me just as happy and excited every single time. Best invention ever!! And thank you Ashley for letting me borrow it :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thoughts right after we found out

First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet words and excitement on our announcement!! We are feeling extremely blessed. I guess that half way explains all of my MIA action these days on all social media. Do you know how hard it is to keep these kinds of things in?! Oh my LANTA!!

We are over the moon excited and are really trying to enjoy this journey. It's crazy how in just a few short months little Piper will be a big sis :)

I have a TON of posts I've been writing, but there are so many I'll just pick and choose which ones I really, really want to remember. I really can't wait to look back on these…


(Written a few days after we found out on January 19th)

I don't even know how to type this.

I am out of words. Completely. 

On January 19th, in our parents lake house bathroom…our world changed.

It was one of the moments you have been imaging in your head for so long, that when it actually happens…you don't believe it. You want to, but you just can't. There is no way it could be true.

Let me rewind.

Previous to our little lake getaway things had been kind of weird. I have having this strange urge of…well, I cannot even describe it. Something was off. Different. I didn't crave my wine and that…that was freaking weird. I should have known something crazy was up. Truth be told, I have four (at least) unopened bottles of wine I didn't touch all of January. Unheard of.

Anyway, I ignored all signs that anything was up. I swear someone from above was hanging out with me through the months of Dec-Jan.

A few days before going to the lake, it was supposed to be my time of the month. It didn't happen but I didn't really think anything of it because there is usually a few days it could fall in between.

Well, fwd. two days later and it still hadn't come. I was cramping pretty good so I knew it was going to come eventually. Waiting..waiting..waiting for it's not so fun arrival.


I really wasn't too worried because it has varied a few times so I figured it would come sooner or later. But being the curious and (anxious) person that I am, I bought myself a test…just to eliminate that option.

Gosh why is it so awkward to buy pregnancy tests? You'd think I was in high school or something.

I scanned the isles until I found the lovely female items. And that's when I saw it…."all pregnancy kits can be found at the front dest". ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

I almost walked out.

I am a big weeny. So I pulled up my big girl pants and walked to the front desk to see a young high school girl. Whew. I can handle that. Hanging next to her bright red hair, were the tests I was looking for. As she placed it in the bag she said, "These are the best. That's how I found out I was pregnant."

Well, count me in then girlfriend. I'll take it. Well, I'll take two. You know…just in case.

I awkwardly stuffed them into my purse and walked to the truck.

At this point Jeff kind of knew what was up but didn't think too much of it. Gosh what a world of not much thinking would be like!

Anyway, we got back to the lake house and I quickly and sneakily rushed to the bathroom.

So I opened the wrapper while the water was running (haha) and did my business. I turned it over and prayed a simple prayer about what was going to or not going to be on the other side of that stick. But in  the back of my mind…I just knew it'd be one little line staring back at me.

And there it was. Helllllo blue cross. Wait, what?!

I turned it over, put my hands over my mouth and literally thought "holy shit". And then I smiled and started shaking. "Holy….shit" Is this real life?

I don't like to get my hopes up. Heck, I still don't want to get my hopes up. I'm scared shitless. So I had to take the second one…

I watched this time.

Only one dark line….my stomach sunk.

But only for a second because then the BRIGHT blue cross flashed across the screen.

Girl, you are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

I'm still thinking….is this really happening to me? There is not way. But 4 tests later (update: 5 tests later update…7 tests later…8 tests later) with two blue crosses and four pregnants and one yes and a few others….I'd say it is.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And then there were three (plus one furry human)

After 9 weeks (which is eternity, btw) of keeping my mouth shut from most of the world, we can FINALLY share that our little family will be growing by one this September!!

Can you tell how excited Piper is about this news? haha!

We are so so so thrilled to finally be able to share with everyone else the excitement we have been feeling for so long.

It's crazy how you dream and pray for something for so long and the moment it comes true is the most surreal in the world.

I'd swear it wasn't true but seeing our little sweet pea and hearing his or her heartbeat confirmed it was in fact, real life. We couldn't be more thankful or blessed to call this little miracle ours. God is so, so good!

More details to come...

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