Sunday, July 31, 2011

Later Michigan, It's been real

It's been a few decades since I've posted,
and here is why.......

Michigan Street has been laid to rest and I'm moving out.

This is where I've been keepin' it real for the past two years.
Where many of beer bongs were bonged.
Where plenty of tailgates went down.
Where many  of people slept on couches.
Where many hours of HGTV were watched.
Where there were lots of laughs with my roommates.
And only a half a block from my favorite bar in town.
Win-Win-....Win Situation.

Needless to say, I'm gonna miss the heck out of it.
I know the gals moving in after me so at least I know it will be in good hands.
And if we don't get our deposit back someone is getting chuto chopped.

Lots of memories in the Mich Street house but I guess it's time to move on.
Sadly. Moving on is never too fun.
My days in college town USA are dwindling down so I better make the best of them.
Until then I'm going to tailgate my booty off, visit all the restaurants I have missed,
have a bloody mary at my favorite bar every Sunday, take walks on campus,
and tear up Mass Street like the good ol' days.

And always remember....the best is yet to come.

Cheers to the good times!
THANK YOU Mom, Dad, & Jeff for helping me.
Love you guys to the moon and back and appreciate
all of your help....and muscles :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Pinterest Style}

Linking up with Miss Michelle this Wednesday.
Wedding Style!

Here are some gems that I found for my wedding & engagement on pinterest.
Enjoy the load of pictures.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

Too many things on my mind to be truthful about
so I will be nice and only name a few.
I am way too exhausted to name anymore than a few anyway.


Why would you steal a bike with flat tires and a trashcan?
I think someone is out to get me.
And quite's scaring me.
These items are
It's move out weekend and you steal my trashcan?!
Ya. Not happy with that one.

My gym workout did not go as planned.
I got to the gym. Ready get my swear oooon.
Realized when I got to the door I had left my headphones in my car.
Go to car. No headphones. I'm annoyed. I leave.
I cannot for the life of me workout with no music.
No way. No how.
Instead, I run/walk 30min around town where it is 500 degrees out.
Hopefully tomorrow is more successful in this area.

I hate moving.

I love that in a year from now I will have a place with FIANCE.
I cannot wait.
We can cook together.
Watch movies during the WEEK.
Maybe get a dog.
Wink Wink Wink.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A NEW Challenge

My Challenge

so I am a competitive person.
I like to win.
I don't like to back down.
{can sometimes be quite a negative thing}

When I really set my mind on something I try to stick to it.
You know how many times I've said, "I'm going to start working out daily."
"I'm going to eat right?"
And then did it for a good solid few weeks and then pooped out.
"I'm tired." "I ate junk food, so might as well not work out."
 "I have a headache." "Blah.blah.blah."
Excuses is what they were. Until now.{I hope}

I am by no means fat or overweight. That is not why I am doing this.
I am just so extremely tired of feeling like crap, lazy, worn down, unhappy,
and just plain exhausted these days.
I come home at 6ish and go lay in my bed most days because I am so tired.
Ridiculous and not acceptable.

Jeff & I talked this past weekend about changing our habits and getting back into the gym routine.
We tried to think of something to call our mission, but "Healthy for Honey" was the only thing
we could come up with that wasn't the cheeziest thing ever.  {Healthy for Honey means staying
healthy for each other so we can live some crazy awesome fit years today. Btw.}
Or "Operation Hot Wife"
haha. That was a good one.
So starting today. I am going to change my life around. For reals.
Because I cannot continue this crapola I've been doing. It obviously isn't doing much for me.
I was getting annoyed of myself. I am getting annoyed with myself.
So change has to be made.

I am going to document what I do for exercise everyday to hold myself accountable for my actions.
I have been down the road of "free and easy" eat whatever, work out barely ever, and still weigh
the same but feel like complete dog sh*t.
My goal {starting out} is to work out 4 days/wk. I want to get to the point where I am going
6 days/wk but in order for me to complete and continue to goals I need to build up to them.

The Beginning to a Life Long Change


-30 minutes Elliptical {Level 1 > Level 5 > Level 9}
-40 squats {Used weight ball as extra weight}
-40 lunges {Used weight ball overhead as extra weight}
-10 minute Abs {Variety}


-Nothing' On You- B.o.B
-Boyfriend/Girlfriend- C-Side
-Whatever You Like - T.I
-Throw It In The Bag -Fabolous
-{My Jam} Sexy In Crazy Places - Gucci Mane
-We Takin' Over - DJ Khaled
-All The Above - Maino
-Hey Daddy  - Usher
-Wasted - Gucci Mane
-Down - Jay Sean
-What You Got - Colby O'Donis

My poor fat arse could barely make it down the stairs when I was done.
And it hurt so GOOD.
Loved the feeling of sweating and working hard again.
It can only go up from here.

P.S. How the hell do you run and read a magazine at the same time?
I have honestly never understood and {sadly} judge the people beccause I kind of think if you are really working out as hard as you can...there is no way
your eyes will be able to read those tiny baby words. Just saying.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Heat Wave

Heat wave is exactly what Kansas was experiencing this weekend.
Holy hotness.
But the heat couldn't even stop us from having a good weekend.

Jeffy came up Friday and actually was able to get here by dinner time.
It's nice having someone to eat with, and crazy how much you take advantage of
it when it isn't there!
We spent Friday night at a local restaurant in town that just so happened to have
a broken air conditioner. Front row seating to the fan was a must.

We picked a chill night and just picked up a redbox and relaxed since
Jeff had to drive 6 long boring hours to get here.
We watched The Roommate.
Ya, don't rent it.
Really creepy...and just not very good.
Unless you are into the whole roommate obsession killer thing.

Saturday we had big plans to do a number of  fun things.
Eat with Jeff's old boss.
Shop til' we drop.
Or window shop til' we drop.
Go to the Royals game.
Brew up.
Cheer loud.
Spit Seeds.
Eat some good ol' fashion baseball food.
And then go home and pass out of exhaustion.

Only a few of those things happened.
We did meet with Jeff's old boss, we did shop around not only at one place but two, and we
did brew up...but in the AC.
It was so stinking hot outside you could barely breath.
So we opted for the bar to watch the baseball game and have
beers and cheer in the nice cool leather seats they provided us.
Add a buffalo chicken salad.
With hott company.
Life was obviously good even without being physically at the game.

We then ended up going to the store to pick up a few candies to go to the movie with.
And accidentially walked out with 5 buckeroos worth of candy.
Only half a box got eaten.
Until today...that is.
We watched Horrible Bosses.
Please if you haven't seen this movie go see it
I laughed the entire movie.
Good stuff right there.

Today we ate lunch with Jeff's wonderful momma, and then go to see
my brother, my sister-in-law, and my beautiful niece.
I feel like we loaded a whole month's worth of fun into
one weekend and got to see lots of people we loved
that we hadn't seem in awhile.

The only bad part is some hooch stole my bike.
No, I wasn't going to ride it.
Yes, the tires were flat.
But NO I did not want it gone.

What is this world coming to with people
stealing bikes with flat tires right by your front door?!
Sheesh. Get a life.
And your own bike.

I want a bloody mary!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

I'm on the late show as usual
my best friend from college got ENGAGED.

I am beyond excited about this.
Almost as excited about hers as I am for mine!
She is marrying a man who will make her smile for the rest of her life and I couldn't be happier for her.
If I could create a guy I think she would adore, it would be exactly him.

Jess & I met in August of 2007.
Dorm Roommates.
The good days.
I walked into my dorm to see pink everywhere.
Her bunk already picked out. Bed rearranged and moved.
Guess I was taking the bottom.

It didn't get any better when she locked me out of my own room
because some dumby I was with took a picture at around 2 am in our room while she
was sleeping and had to get up for 8 o'clock class.
Needless to say...she was pissed.
And I got locked out of my own room.
Not off to the best start. And I was crazy homesick.
I wanted to move out. 

But I stayed.
That was probably one of the finer decisions I have made in my life.
Now she is one of my closest friends. I love her to pieces.
We got in too much trouble together, and the best college memories always
have involved her...even though she moved after first semester.
I've always thought it was weird how you can get so close to someone
in such a short amount of time.

We were opposites.
That fit perfectly.
And we were mighty fine partiers.
My liver is the only thing happy she had to move away.

But this post is just a big
to such an amazing friend.
{planning a wedding in 4 months...she rocks. I would have a heart attack}
I wish you all the happiness in the world Jess.
Love you mucho!

Wedding Wednesday {Engaged Again & Story}

Engaged Again

No, I have not gotten engaged twice.

Remeber when I went to the beach and had a minor emergency?
The middle setting in my ring fell out while on vacation, and I haven't
been able to wear it since then. Looked a little bit...funny. What's a ring without a diamond?
After a month of no ring
and many people wondering why it wasn't there anymore.

The ring is back & shinier than ever.
I feel engaged again.
No single fingered Molly running around town anymore.


Just a little random fact about me, I love planners.
Love lists. And love to be organized...on paper.
If I don't write something down, I forget it even exists.

So yesterday I was filling in my planner and was putting
all of the KU football games in it.
I saw the 2012 schedule was online so I just
thought it'd be funny to check and see if there was a
football game on our wedding day.

There was.

Who? K-State.
Our rivals. the point of the story.
When Jeff & I met on November 1, 2008 we were at a bar.
As you know.
Jeff had gone out for Halloween the day before and drank a little...too much.
November 1st was the day of the KU vs. KSTATE game.
Biggest game of the year.
We won.
Jeff's friends wanted to go out to celebrate but Jeff didn't really feel like it.
Poor hungover Jeffy.
But he did.
And so did I.
We were both at the bar to celebrate a hell of a win by our favorite Jayhawks.
If it weren't for that game, I probably would have never met the love of my life.

So I thought it was quite fitting that our wedding will be on the same day.
Meant to be?
I think so.

Or maybe it's just funny & cute to me?
{I'll probably have to get a big screen put in so the guys can watch the
game on wedding day. haha.}
Catch next week's Wedding Wednesday for our REHEARSAL dinner plans.

P.S. Thank you for all the sweet & encouraging comments on my New Adventure Post.
Y'all rock my socks off.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A New Adventure

In about a month I will be embarking on a very new adventure.
I will be a role model to a couple dozen first grades.
I will be showin students how to read, write, and tie shoes. {hey, you never know.}
I am terrified. Excited. nervous. Ready.

I am terrified I won't do a good job.
Scared they won't learn and grow each day {not physically}.
Excited because I get a chance to change these littles lives.
Nervous I can't or don't have the skills to do so.
Ready, because I know I will learn so much more from they will from me.

I think it's all setting in because the school e-mails are flooding in, teachers are getting their bulletin
boards ready, and the summer joys are slowly coming to an end as they flood back to organize their
classrooms to get ready for the new year.

So if anyone has any advice for shaking little student teacher Molly, please throw them my way.
Here are only a few {your welcome} things I've found I want to use in my classroom on the one and only

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Knock the case off of it

"Knock the case off of it" was probably my favorite line of this entire weekend.
This line was said by a four {he insisted on adding and a 1/2} year old.
Everytime his brother was up to bat he would yell this
and I would die laughing.
This is the same kid he told his mother "Please don't stare at me, Mom." while he was
petting a dog in front of her.
Kids are the freaking best.

This weekend was way too fast. As usual.
I got to spend the weekend in the hott as sin Minnesota.
I didn't know Minnesota could get in the 100's.
 The first day I was there....I experienced this.
And seriously thought I was going to get blown away.
Far...far away.

And then I experienced a servere heat warning.
haha. Good thing bipolar Kansas prepares me for these types of things.
It didn't stop me from enjoying my weekend with the one and only Jeffro.
I I will miss Minnesota when he leaves and boy I never thought
I'd say that. I think he disagrees though. He's a true Kansas boy at heart. :)

It was a little different trip than usual because I spent more time on the bleachers than I did with him,
but I loved watching him coach. Oh la laaaaaa. Their team was so close to winning the tournament, but unfortunately they lost in extra innings in their second game today.
{I think it was because their good luck charm-me,obviously-had to leave}.

So we spent the weekend eating as usual, drinking as usual, and watching lots..and lots...and lots of baseball.
Now I am just counting down the days until I get to do it all again. Minus the hours and hours of baseball in the bazillion degree weather. At least next time I will bring a cooler. {which someone...not naming any names....told me you weren't allowed to bring them in the tourny.}

And I think someone knew I was about to fall asleep driving because I even got to see the Oscar Myer Mobile driving down the interstate in Iowa.
Woke me right up!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!
Back on the grind tomorrow.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to "Minnesota" where the playas play

Yes, I know the song is welcome to Atlanta..but I changed it up a bit.
I am in Minnesota though.
Finally made it after six of the most boring hours of my life.
Thank the Lord for audio books. Seriously.
{Got half way through Something Blue. Does anyone else get
annoyed by the bitchy blonde's perspective of the story?} She has complained and whined
for the five hours I have listened to it. Love the book though. And I really want to meet Dex. HA.


I came up to Minnesota this weekend to watch my handsome devil Coach {fiance}
take his baseball boys to state. {this is where the "where the playas play" comes into the title}.
He has been coaching for years and I've never got to see him in action, so I am flipping pumped.
It's been raining all morning so I am praying they aren't cancelled.

This may be the last visit I make to MN while he is here, so I better make it a good one!
We will definitely have to come back up here to visit after he is gone,
I think I'll actually miss it. Or maybe just miss traveling. Will be nice to get my fiance two hours away instead of six.

Hope everyone has a lovely Friday!
Pray for no rain outs, lots of brews, and a sunflower spitting good time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Colors}

Okay so I'm done counting in spanish numbers for Wedding Wednesday.
I have to look them up everythime and well..I'm lazy these days so I'll just get straight to the point.

Today is colors.
Damn colors.
They are so confusing.
There are so many.
And quite honestly...I like most all of them.

Remember last week? ^^^^
When I said I loved. loved. loved. the color combination I posted?
Well I can't get it out of my head.
For a few reasons.
Reason ONE: Jeff's favorite color is blue. My favorite color is blue.
He wants to wear blue.
I want sunflowers.
I will have sunflowers.
Blue + Yellow = Win-Win Situation Right?
Ya..I thought so too.
Only problem is I can't find the above color ANYWHERE.
It's like a grey/blue.

I've never seen them together at a wedding.
I'm nervous they won't work when I actually get them together in person.
The internet is killin' me because I can find so many different things I love.
Never good for an indecisive person.
However, these colors are sticking with me so I think that is a good sign.

Thoughts? Opinions? Helpy Help Help.
I suck at this.
I have decided that.
Maybe I should of dreamed of this day a long time ago then
I would already have it planned out.
For some reason babies popped in my head sooner than marriage.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Truthful Tuesday

Truthful Tuesday is back at it.
I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth in bloggerville.
And I am going to try to do my best to catch up.
Ya'll are wonder women keeping up with your blogs while
being busy. I am just not that good I guess.

However. I'm back. In full force. So let's hear some TRUTH.


I found heaven in a bag.
Check out the beaut.
If you haven't ever had these.
Get them.
Go to Dillions. Spint to the organic section. And hug them and kiss them...and most importantly buy them.
A little too much?  Never.
But really...they are so good. And so buffalo. And so...just get them. For real.

I hate moving.
Can I hire you?
One room of crap turns into about 20 totes of crap.

I don't want to leave my college town.
I don't want to leave being a few blocks away from
the most amazing campus in the world.
I don't want to be further than 5 minutes from a KU football game.
I don't want to miss the late night traffic after a KU basketball game.
I don't want to leave.
It's my home away from home.
I finally know where everything is.
I never get lost anymore. And that is a major accomplishment.
And I am just scared to death to leave this place I love so much.
However, I know being with fiance with make being in a  strange place much better & fun
As he always says "It's just a new adventure." True dat.
And possibly we will try to make it back here someday ;)
Crossing my fingers hard.

I am beyond excited to watch fiance coach this weekend.
Something about coaches I tell ya.
Why are they so hott?
ha ha.
But really.
I can't wait to see his boys kick butt at state.
And for me to get to watch baseball all weekend and chew my
mouth raw with sunflower seeds. And maybe sneak some Bud Lights in to the tourny.
I know all the tricks on that one.
{p.s get a gas station large Route beer can in one will
ever know!}

I am cheating on Jeff with a guy named Jim.
Jim Beam.
It's true.
Jim Beam is my second main man,
except we have more of a love-hate relationship.
He's been chilling with me everynight this week.
Only one glass, don't fret..I'm no alchy.
A whiskey a day....keeps Molly Happ-AY

Happy Tuesday :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Feet Don't Touch the Ground

We got moon light, all night
Lord I pray on the next star I see tonight never lose this thing we found
Your by my side, I can do without the city lights
I fly so high when you’re around yeah my feet don’t touch the ground

Things I’ve done the places I’ve been just don’t compare to the love I’m in
Its beats all I’ve ever seen
If youd’ve told me a few years back that I’d still be living in the place I’m at
Oh I’d say you’re living in a dream,
Boy I’m here forever.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend in Pictures :)

Some pictures ran away but the weekend also included a little pool time.
Sista got a little color back.
And hopefully this time it didn't cause 5 degree burns.
Beautiful weekend. Beautiful family. And this weekend I get to see Jeff again. just really not too bad.

And sorry for the MIA action around here.
And major...major slacking. {I'm sorry!}
I've been trying not to blog when I'm with
cool people like my family and hunks like my fiance.
More time for fun!

I'll be back in no time :)


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