Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday Mornings

There is just something peaceful about a rainy Saturday morning in the comfort of your home.

There is something about waking up and it being okay to look like a hot mess knowing you have no where to be.

Something about being about to sit at your kitchen table and actually sit down to eat your breakfast, without it being in the car.

There is just something about warm coffee slowly sipped and being able to enjoy each and every bit of it.

It's nice to sit on the couch and snuggle up in one of your favorite quilts while your husband and dog peaceful sleeps. Not to get that confused with your dog waking at at 5:45 and this being her second sleep.

It's these moments I try to bottle up. The ones that I enjoy the most. Where I feel at peace, not rushed, and relaxed.

Well, no more sleep for this gal!

It seems these moments are few and far between with life being a constant rush, it's just nice to slow down every once in awhile.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Missing the keyboard

Honestly, I almost have forgotten what it was like to blog. At least consistently.

There has just been so much going on and I just haven't found the words to portray how I am really feeling. Without being fake. And dishonest. So pretty much I have been trying to avoid complaining.

Even though there is a lot I don't have to complain about.

Like this sunrise.

Like, how this new program I am coaching called, Girls on the Run makes me feel. I was nervous about doing it, and now I am so dang glad I did. To hear girls say, "I never thought I could do that" is pretty awesome. Or "that's the biggest accomplishment I've ever had!" Now I just can't wait to watch them run a 5K together in just a few short weeks!

Jeff was gone for a week and it just threw me all off. I was trying to juggle the stress I was having at school with him being gone and I just....lost it.

I think I am finally getting back on track. And I think Piper has turned into a mama's girl now ;)

There is not much new around these parts other than the color of our house, a new front door, and a the change of smell in our house. Aren't fall candles the pure definition of happiness? Or maybe that's just me.

We have been rocking all of the KU home games. Okay, the one we had. But I am ready for some football and to put on my jeans. I know I'll regret saying that...

Maybe I'll make some time soon to write it all out intend of being all sorts of scared of facing fears and complaining.

It's nice to write....and man oh man if you only knew had many drafts I had on here.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's my party, I can bark if I want to

One year ago today this little fur muffin was born. We didn't know her quite yet, but we had talked about her frequently. We just had no idea how much we could really love such a little creature with four legs.

She has made us so entirely happy, it's almost weird to think she's actually a dog. To us, she feels like our little child. And I have got to say, she is definitely a daddy's girl.

The day we brought her home, I suddenly realized the fear that also came with loving something so entirely much. She scares me about a bazillion times a day. Whether it is chasing frogs or snakes, running out the door, or eating things that are definitely not supposed to be eaten.
p.s.... no, I did not let her eat that whole thing ;)
And now I am sitting here and she is howling at me because she sees a toad outside and wants me to let her out so she can chase it and bark at it for days. I just can't help but think how entirely awesome life is with her. Even when she is jumping on my computer while I'm working, eating my stuff, not listening, or some other kind of trouble she is getting into...I still love this furry little girl more than I ever imagined.

Happy 1st Doggy Birthday!

*End of crazy post here ;)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life as of lately

Hey, it's me, Molly. Do you remember me? Didn't think so.

All I can say is, school is definitely in full force.

Thankfully the weekend saves me every time!  Not that I don't like my job, it's just the first couple of months at the beginning are extremely exhausting. Okay, who am I kidding, all the months are exhausting. But that's neither here nor there.

On to more exciting things like....FOOTBALL and PARKING LOT PARTIES and LAWRENCE.

Gosh do you know how happy it makes me to know that KU football has finally started?! Makes me happy, happy, happy.

It doesn't make Piper happy though because she has to stay at her Doggy Resort while we are gone. I am trying to figure out if it will ever get less heartbreaking to leave her there. If only she could join....

This weekend started off our football extravaganza. The weekend we had been waiting for since basketball ended last March. In high hopes that we could beat our record of winning one, lonely game last year.

The good news is we already matched our record from last year and won the first game. So if we win two, it doubles our record from last year. Win-win.

Anyway, we all know one of the best parts of football is the tailgating. It's what makes football, well, football. Not necessarily in the 100 degree weather,  but tailgating none the least.

We (as in Jeff, the ultimate tailgater) got a little crazy the first game and rented a YukonXL so we could fit all of our loot. Poor little Camry wasn't expanding like we wanted her to.

So we packed the Yukon tight, and headed to Lawrence Friday night with one of Jeff's friends.

Saturday we got up early, headed down the infamous Mass St. and around noon we headed to the stadium to get the party started. We found out not many people tailgate at noon for a 6 o'clock game. What are they thinking?

Unfortunately I barely got any pictures of the tailgate, but it was a rockin'. We were prepared this year with gobs of food, very full coolers, and jayhawks touching every little thing we brought. Pretty much perfection.

And the crazy think to this is....we get to do it alllll over again in a couple of weeks.

Bring on Fall!!


3rd gradiom of the week:

Backstory: My teacher laptop has not worked correctly since last year. The internet hasn't worked for over a week, almost two, and that leaves Mrs. S very....frustrated.

I had big plans for a lesson online (positive thinking) and the internet decided not to work again.

I told the kids we all needed to pray for patience and the internet to work so they could learn what I had to teach them that day. I had a student volunteer to pray and he said an Our Father for us.

After he was done it was completely silent.

Student A breaking the silence: Well.....that was awkward.
Me: (laughing) Why's that?
Student A: Well we've never prayed for technology before.
Me: Well when I get frustrated about anything, I always pray. That's just how I roll. So let's just hope the internet starts working.

And then I shut up. And the internet never did work. What can ya do? PS this is totally one of those stories you had to be there, which is why I wrote it. It was so incredibly funny to me at the time. 

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