Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brownie + PB Cupcakes

If I disappear it means I could not get out of bed from
eating so much pb + vanilla frosting.
Oh my goodness & I loved every licking second of it.
Sorry I'm not sorry.

So .......
fiance is coming tomorrow/today, right?
And I was trying to think of a little treat he could come home to.
Because the saying "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is so
true with mine. So I decided to make him something I knew he would like,
actually I think it has nicotine in it because they are so addicting! Even the smell.
Ahh. Heaven.

So I made my man a nice batch of brownie cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.
I will not be surprised if all 12 cupcakes are devoured in his time here.
They are so flipping good. Really, you need to make them. Like now. You can thank me (or betty crocker) later. P.S. Don't hate on my back deck pictures..the light in my house is totally depressing.

I also paired my cupcake making with my ultimate favorite meal right now, buffalo chicken wraps.
It is the most boring wrap in the world, and I am obsessed with it.
Grab yourself a nice whole wheat tortilla + black beans + cheese + chicken cooked into buffalo sauce and you have yourself an award winning combination.
Or maybe it's just me?
Ya. Prolly.

So if you want to make the crack cupcakes I have the receipe to share for you from Betty Crocker herself.
It is extremly easy.
But then again...most recipes I make are easy because I'm too lazy to take 5 hours to make something when I could do it just as tasty in uhhh 30 minutes.
So here it is.
And really, I'm not need to make this.

Brownie Cupcakes w/ Peanut Butter Frosting



Betty Crocker Fudge Brownie Mix
{will need eggs + water + oil}


1/3 Cup of Peanut Butter
1 cup Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy vanilla frosting
3 tablespoons of milk

Let's get a cookin'-

First--Heat oven to 350°F. Place paper baking cup in each of 12 regular-size muffin cups. Make brownie batter as directed on box. Fill cups about 3/4 full.

Then--Bake 25 to 28 minutes or until toothpick inserted near edge comes out almost clean. Cool 5 minutes; remove from pan. Cool completely.

Lastly--In small bowl, mix all frosting ingredients until smooth and spreadable. Spread frosting over brownies; sprinkle with candy sprinkles. Store tightly covered.

Then you are done and have a happy tummy.
Win-Win situation.
Unless you eat as much frosting as I did,
then you will need to immediately chug 3 glasses of water.

Big Fat Funk

haha. I totally hope you read that title as something else.

So I'm in a funk.
Kind of stuck. in the mud.
Wondering what I'm supposed to do.
Where I'm supposed to go.
And how to turn it all around.

It's quite funny actually, because I really have all I ever wanted right in front of me.
Amazing family, loving fiance, a college degree, etc.
But I just don't feel like myself. At all. The me that smiles and makes ruhtarded jokes every .5 seconds.
The me that laughs uncontrollably at the most immature things.
Someone find her...better bring her back, puhlease.

I'm sure it has a little to do with fiance being gone.
Everyone leaving for the summer.
Me just being exhausted all the time. {which I have no excuse for}

Then I think of next year, and get all stressed.
My head is just trying to figure out how I'm going to juggle making 0 dollars for a whole entire year,
while still trying to live and plan a wedding. Ya, that doesn't sound fun to me. And it kind of makes my stomach churn thinking about it. But I'll worry about that one when the time comes I suppose. And I know it will work always does...somehow. Someway.

I really just wish all the people I loved lived in the same spot.
So I can be surrounded by such love and positivity constantly.
They are the people who make me better. And bring me and who I am back to focus.
So sorry if I'm a little off.
Poor little Molly has run away and I need to go on a search for her.
And then we'll get through it. One step at a time.

Ok. Done complaining. :) Tomorrow is FRIDAY. Do you know what that means?! FIANCE COMES! Thank God.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding Wednesday (Doce)

Happy Wednesday!

It's been 2 weeks since the last hoorah of Wedding Wednesday with the beautiful wedding shoes,
which I found out later were uhhh kind of ungodly expensive.

So this week is kind of a breakdown. Ya ya break it down now.
It is going to stress me out, but that's okay because
I'm thinking maybe that's what I need right now. Or at least a push or...something.
{kind of really hard to do when fiance is away}
So I wrote a list of the things I am for sure about.
Don't laugh now.

Here are the positives :

The Date
October 22, 2012

The Place
Catholic Church in my hometown

I have some work cut out for me.
ALTHOUGH. Let's not forget it is awhile away so slow and easy does it won't hurt anything.

I think the thing the scares me the most is the cost of everything
and the fact that I cannot make a decision to save my life.
I wish this were something you could just learn, but it sure isn't.
I always, always second guess myself which leads to no decisions being made.
The overwhelming idea of it all makes me just force myself into not thinking at all.
Or just secretly thinking about peacing out and doing it on an island with gorgeous beaches and the prettiest of blue waters. However, doubt I could ever bring myself to do that.

The one thing I do know.
Is I am beyond exciting to see my fiance this weekend after
not seeing each other for a month. Maybe then I can feel like myself again...with
my second half by myself.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the Road Again

The day as come. And I am hanging my head in sorrow. Our week of being beach bums, crispy lobsters, and adventurers is over and we are headed back home.

Yesterday we finished the week off with a day on the beach, dinner at The Flying Fish, and a walk on Barefoot Landing.

I have a little word of advice when eating at a seafood restaurant by the ocean: Don't order a chicken sandwich. I don't even need to explain. However, margarita? Always an A+ choice. You would have never caught me saying that about 6 months ago when the smell of tequila made me want to vomit.

I will be back to ma bloggidy schedule before long and will be able to finally read and catch up on all of your blogs! I also will not have to put up iPhone pictures anymore, get excited.

So off we are from South Carolina headed to St.Louis where my little bro is trying out for America Idol. As well, I get to see Mr.Fiancé for the first time in a month next Friday. C'mon next weekend!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Crispy Lobster

Hey! It's me...the beach bum herself. Reporting live from Myrtle Beach, SC. :)

Time needs to stop because it's already Thursday and I really don't want this vacation to end. I can't believe next weekend is July! Ahhhh, where has the summer gone?!?

The weather has been pretty darn great considering there has been a chance of rain everyday. My body probably wishes it would have because on Tuesday I got FRIED. Like double McDonalds fried. I hurt. Bad. Couldn't go to bed until 5:00 AM because it felt like needles were poking me in the chest. Oh holy awfulness.

Yesterday I was a little nicer to my body and wore a t-shirt and shorts to the beach, perched under an umbrella, read, and listened to the waves. After I came out of my fried, sleepy coma we ate some yummy lasagna {my brother, sister in law, and nieces turn to cook} , went mini golfing, watched some fireworks, and I passed out cold the second I hit the bed.

As some of you requested, I bought the book Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin yesterday on my kindle. Let me just say I didn't put it down after I started reading it {only to mini golf}. I finished it in about 8 hours and was very upset it had to end. I am excited to read Something Blue now. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week and if you could slow down mine I'd be so gracious. Back to beach bummin!

Monday, June 20, 2011

myrtle beach

Updating from Mrs. iPhone, so who knows what this will look like when it gets done! However, I just wanted to let you all know that the stormy nasty blah weather is GONE {knock on wood} and the sunshine and tan {uhhh for me only one side} has arrived. 22 hours later we arrived and got busy. Picture below is from last night after we got here. Don't worry I wouldn't wear shorts and a tee to the beach.

Today consisted of some fun things such as my dad losing his extremely expensive glasses and my big diamond off of my ring got knocked off. Talk about a rough start to the day. The good news is all missing items were FOUND. Someone was definitely watching over us on that one. Thank goodness. Thought I was going to have a dang heart attack! But seriously....

After all the shenanigans we enjoyed ourselves at the beach boogey boarding and laying out. Feels so good to get some sun on this white girl. Funny though, I put sunscreen on my shoulders so they wouldn't get fried and uhhh yeah now I have white shoulders. Kewl. Cool. Not. Oh well, I think four more days of sun will even me out.

Last on the agenda was dinner {made by me and little brother} ice cream, sand baseball, and a walk on the beach. Now I'm just kicking my feet up, staring at the ocean, and enjoying being with the fam.

Love the beach life. I miss my honey though...this is his favorite.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the week! Happy last day of spring!

P.S. I really hope this post isn't all crazy like, you'll have to let me know. It makes me anxious it won't be centered but I'm sure I won't die over it. ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

Dear Daddy,

You mean the absolute world to me.
The world.
You and Mom are the best role models I could ever ask for.
I see daily the joy and happiness you both shed.
I admire you. A lot. Your huge heart. Kind soul. Love for life. And simply happiness.
You always see the best in situations and other people, where I sometime well...don't.
You realize the small things in life are the most important,
and I'm so glad you have shown me this but it is so, so true.
I just want you to know that you've taught me so much dad.
You have shown me patience, when I didn't even think patient was
possible for me. {still workin' on that :)}
And mostly I cannot thank you enough for just being there.
Always. No matter what. For my entire life.
You have always put your family first.
Even to the times you came to games in your work truck, or would come in your uniform,
stay up late after a long day to help us with our homework, or play outside...and had the most amazing bedtime stories {which will be turned into a book someday}.
Each memory is so so special to me.
You took the time, the effort, to be the best dad you could be.
That means more than you could imagine.
And I am so thankful to have you as my dad.
Thank you....for being you.
The best daddy in the entire universe.
{aliens, included.}
Love you to the stars and back.
& you know I'll always be your little girl.
Happy Father's Day.

-Your Daughter-

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {once}

After doing the link-up and seeing that
pretty much all my popular posts were about 
Wedding Wednesday...I came to a conclusion that gals
really love some weddings!
So wedding is what I'll give you.

This Wedding is all about SHOES:
First of all...who doesn't love shoes?
And I already know you love weddings....
SO winner winner chicken dinner.

Here are some shoes I am thinking about.
Or dreaming about.
Or just staring at them and wondering
the chances I will fall and bust my arse in the middle
of isle in front of all my friends and family.

On to dream world....






Okay so I realize I may bust it if I wear some 
of the high heels because I'm sure I will be shaking like crazy.
Problem is...I haven't found any I love that are lower.
Bring em on :)

P to the S...
I'm going to have a giveaway when I get back
from vacay because you all are the flippin' best.
That's all.
Happy  Hump Day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The face behind the sunflowers

Another Link-Up Party.
What What.
The lovely Michelle @ A Little Bit of This & That started the cutest idea of doing a blogger
"Meet & Greet"
So others can find out more about you and vice versa.
Because really one of the best parts about blogging is meeting other people who know what you are talking about without giving you the crazy eyes,
going though the same things as you, and are simply the nicest  {and funniest} people EVer.

If you for some reason don't know me...well, you should. ha
I'm Molly from {obviously} A Midwestern Touch.
A recent grad trying to grow up and put on my big girl pants to prepare
for all that is to come in my future.
As well as enjoying being engaged to the love of muh life.
I have no idea how I even thought of the name of my blog.
 I  just wanted to do something that represented "me" and my hometown and the
people I am surrounded with came to mind.
And that began A Midwestern Touch in January of 2011.

The reason:
The very first reason I got the blog was to write down ideas, crafts, random thoughts down so I wouldn't forget them. Becausee, well, I forget everything. And think...way too much. I also thought it'd be fun to look back someday and see the journey I have taken over the years.
I got rid of facebook. Yup, I did it...I pushed the deactivation button. For a good reason though. On December 20, 2010...I got engaged. { !!!!!!! :) } And right after we got engaged Jeff thought it'd be a good idea to deactivate our facebook accounts until we could tell everyone in person or personally and they wouldn't find out through facebook {because we keep it real like that}. That led more happening to my blog. Such as the life of a senior in college, engaged woman, and just trying to find my way in life.
That's kind of why I'm here.
To grow. To write. To discover myself and look back and see how I've grown, maybe not grown, and the love and fun I've experienced along the way. Plus, I use it as a second brain to remember all the little details I would never be able to.
It works out pretty perfectly.
And it wouldn't be the same without you all.
Who make blogging 10x better.

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You still there?
Hope so because you should linky on up too!
It's a pretty good time checking out old posts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday (Diez)...On Thursday?

What is more fun than WeddingWednesday?
Wedding Thursday!

I ended up not having any time to do it Tuesday night because my friend had a
birthday celebration that I was not going to miss.
Therefore, no post.

So here I am.

Today I wanna talk about flowers.
Which I love. A lot. Especially fresh flowers.
Wanna know something funny?
Or stupid I guess you could say.

Jeff use to buy me flowers all the time.
Just because.
{That is not the funny or stupid part}
And somewhere in there I lost brain cells because I told him to stop.
Because I didn't want him to "waste his money" {those suckers were
GORGEOUS,  large, and expensive} when they just died after a few days.
Am I eating my words?
Ah pretty flowers, I miss you.
You looked really good on my dining room table and I'm too cheap to buy  my own.
Ya I'm an idiot.

Flowers for the wedding.
I've had a big dilemma on this one. Because everything has to be perfect. Right?
And I don't want to choose something wrong.
I have a large fear of that.
Which is why I cannot make decisions.
I do know that I LOVE gerber daisies.
They have Molly written all over them.
I as well LOVE sunflowers.
Hints my header.

All pictures above VIA

Problem is...I cannot figure out HOW or IF I should encorporate them together.
Im really bad at this stuff. I think it could work though.
So I need help.
Or if you have ideas throw them at me.
Definitely will take opinions with open arms, and legs, and whatever else.
OR pictures would be lovely too :)
I know I don't need to figure out my flowers RIGHT NOW.
I mean the wedding is like a year and a half away.
But that wedding I just went to has not let my mind off of the gorgeous flowers she had.

Let me know ladies!
I love to hear your thoughts!

Raise your glasses because tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Wedding and Sun-Filled Weekend

It's funny how in Kansas the weather goes from -20 to 90 smoking hot degrees in like two seconds.
I would recommend to carry a rain coat, umbrella, parka, and swim trunks at all times because
you never know what the weather is going to be.
Seriously, Kansas weather is bipolar.
It's okay though, I love it dearly.
Kansas..not the craZy weather.

However, I got to enjoy a wedding and sunshine this weekend that ended up being
perfect Kansas weather.
It was a smokin' hot 90 degrees but with a nice cool breeze.
The wedding was outdoors, which I LOVED.
Makes me really want an outdoor wedding.

But, October is a bit risky in these parts.
It would either be beautiful or snowing.
Don't wanna chance that one.

The wedding was perfect and simple...just like the bride and groom.
It was funny going to my first wedding after
being engaged and taking note on every.single.little.detail they had.
Definitely has changed my views on weddings!

it was a wonderful weekend at home filled with lots of
family, food, and sunshine...straight summer style.
And I finally got some color on (one half of) my legs!
Have I mentiond I love home?
Ya, well I do.
Nothing like it.

I would also like to say a big
to my beautiful baby niece.
One year ago today my brother became a dad,
my sister-in-law became a mother, I became an aunt, my brother an uncle,
 my mom a grandma, and my dad a grandpa.
I will never forget the magic the day she was born.
And the anxiety of waiting at the hospital, sleeping on the hard as a rock couches,
waiting for her pretty little self to be born.
"It's a giiiirl, Katherine Marie" my brother said as tears of joy filled his eyes.
Truly magical.
Thank you baby (now toddler) Kate...for coming into this world.
You are such an incredible blessing.

Hope you all had a good weekend!!

P.S. Just for fun I wanna say congrats
to my handsome fiance  for leading his baseball boys to a championship victory.
Whoop Whoop.

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