Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bumpdate - 34 Weeks

What has been going on this week? We had our 34 week appointment this week and thankfully I only gained 2 lb. compared to the 4 last time. Little miss has moved head down (for now) and hopefully stays that way until delivery day! The nurse didn't say too much so I assume no news, is good news. I've mostly been hibernating this week because it's so flipping hot outside. Thank you Lord for letting me be inside during this time!

How Far Along? 34 weeks (as of 8.17.14)

(rough picture, but it's all I got!)

Size of Baby: Butternut Squash (she should be almost 5 lbs!)

Weight Gain: Wait for it.27 lbs. Yikes!

Maternity Clothes: Yes and no. Most all of the shirts I wear are maternity but I have a few athletic shorts and pants that semi fit.  I think everyone is getting tired of seeing my in the same stuff. Sorry bout it! The worse part was when my husband came home and saw me wearing his basketball shorts that go below my knees. Hot wife right there :/

Movement: My favorite thing in the universestill. My hand has been permanently attached to my stomach ever since I have started to feel her. Some may hurt now, but gosh I cherish those movements. 

Symptoms: Hello heartburn and rib knifing. I never knew a tiny little person could be so strong to make you feel like you have broken ribs. Haha. That's my little athlete.

I've also been having more spotting, this time the scary red kind (TMI, sorry) and lots of cramp-like pains that are pretty constant. I've called the doctor twice because it's been going on for two days but they don't seem concerned. I guess I'm the only paranoid one!

Cravings: This week: Crunchy Tacos, Chocolate Ice Cream, ANYTHING sweet, guacamole, and cereal.

Gender: Our little girl!

Mood: Uncomfortable, but so thankful for each and every uncomfortable symptom I have. I have been terrified, I mean straight up terrified, I would have this baby really early and I praise the Lord she has stayed in. Now she just needs to stay put for AT LEAST another 4-6 weeks. Grow little girl, grow! Wait, did I just type 4, four, 4, fourholy cow FOUR weeks. *falls to the floor*

Nursery: Well…we now have a crib, dresser, and BALLS. Baby steps :) I am in love with how she is coming together though. I can't wait to get all of the little pieces to complete it. Thank you mom and Diana for being the best ball hangers I ever did see!

Sleep: So I have something to say about sleep. You know those people who are all like "sleep while you can"? Well I have a question for them…how can you sleep when your hips are on fire, your belly feels like someone has be playing basketball with it all day, and you pee at least 3 times and then wake up at 5 and can't go back to sleep? Haha. I guess my peak period of sleep has come and gone. I will take it though, it means we are THAT MUCH CLOSER to meeting our sweet, sweet girl. Oh my dear lanta I am so ready to meet her. She needs to hold off and cook a little longer though. And I have so much left to do! Ah! Motivation!

What I Miss: Not being in pain all day and night. 

Belly Button in or out?  
Same. In but on the out sticks out a little? Just weird. Haha

Wedding rings on or off? On

Best Moment This Week:  Realizing that starting at our next doctor's appointment we will be going EVERY week and I will be getting checked to see how I'm progressing. That is so flipping exciting to me. 

Labor Signs: I am so clueless. I thought maybe these cramps had something to do with it, but I think they are just a PITA. I've still had BH but nothing consistent or anything. 

Looking Forward To: Getting the bedding for our nursery (hopefully next week), finishing her room, seeing how I'm progressing, and MEETING OUR GIRL!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bumpdate - 33 Weeks

What has been going on this week? This week my mommacita and aunt came up to bring lots of baby goodies from my cousin (who has saved our lives with many baby items we didn't have) and to help with the nursery and visit and such. How do you thank people when you really owe them your life? There is no gift or dollar amount that can do that. It was a lot of fun to have them here and really wish I could just move all of our family here! 

How Far Along? 33 weeks (as of 8.10.14)

Size of Baby: Durianwhat is that spiky thing? Haha. OR Honeydew. Yeah, I'll go with honeydew.

Weight Gain: I find out Monday the verdict on this one…a little nervous.

Maternity Clothes: Well it is officially, I have busted out my husband's shirts and sorts. Lord help us all. :)

Movement: Yes but it is DEFINITELY in a different spot that usual. I'm just guessing, but I'm pretty sure she has moved because she is kicking in different spots and I have so much pressure down under. The movements are still more movements than kicks or punches. She is running out of "womb". I don't remember where I heard that, but thought it was hilarious. 

Symptoms: Oh symptoms, you have been very interesting this week! I think now that it's nearing the end, my body is starting to get all sorts of buck wild on me. I have had heartburn, back aches, tons of BH contractions, and unreal exhaustion. I'm hoping those mean we are just closer to meeting our girl! 6 ish weeks, wowza!

Cravings: Thank you Lord for chocolate shakes from Braums. Love, the girl who never really liked ice cream or chocolate before being pregnant. 

Gender: Girl :) 

Mood: Oh boy, this is a loaded question. Mood? Like seriously, who has ONE freaking mood while they are pregnant. Haha. I have about 500 bazillion katrillion. Happy, scared, anxious, excited, thankful, sobbing of thanks, terrified, ready ready ready to meet this girl's sweet face. But she needs to hold off at leaaaaaast 5 more weeks.

Nursery: Well…we now have a crib, dresser, and BALLS. Baby steps :) I am in love with how she is coming together though. I can't wait to get all of the little pieces to complete it. Thank you mom and Diana for being the best ball hangers I ever did see!

Sleep: I still sleep, so I call that success.

What I Miss: Not feeling like I've been ran over by a bus just by taking a trip to Target, Marshalls, and Hobby Lobby. You'd think I ran 5 marathons!

Belly Button in or out?  
Same. In but on the out sticks out a little? Just weird. Haha

Wedding rings on or off? On

Best Moment This Week:  Having my mom and aunt up!

Labor Signs: This week I was having a TON of Braxton Hicks Contractions but I think I was just dehydrated and worn out. 

Looking Forward To: Finishing the nursery, getting the bedding, figuring out a NAME (ohmygosh), getting closer to 40 weeks 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bumpdate - 32 Weeks

What has been going on this week? This week we had our 32 week appointment and as far as we could tell from our 5 minute appointment, she was looking and measuring right on track! 

This week was also our 2 year wedding anniversary and we spent it checking on our little sweet pea, spending time together, eating a bomb diggity meal, and relaxing at home. My kind of night! Can't believe it's already been two years. All I know is…I thank God for that husband of mine and continue to love him more and more as the days go by. Can't wait to see him as a daddy! Well, a daddy to a real human…not just our fur human ;)

How Far Along? 32 weeks

Size of Baby: Squash or Jicama (never heard of such a thing)

Weight Gain: Well my last appointment I had lost a pound, so this one I decided to make up for lost time and game a whopping…wait for it…4 pounds. That makes a grand total of 24 pounds I think. I can barely look at the scale anymore. Haha

Maternity Clothes: Yes but still can wear a FEW (very very few) of my t-shirts and athletic pants/shorts. A few as in like two..maybe. 

Movement: Oh yes, she's a little firecracker/ninja at night. At times she quiet and it freaks me out so I prefer her wacks much better. Her movements now have my whole stomach moving at once. It even woke up Piper one night she wiggled so hard. Cracks me up. 

Symptoms: I've been having a burning sensation, almost like an indian rug burn (who's had one of those lovely things?!) right under my right "girl" at the top of my ribs. Doc said it was all the stretching going on but I'm convinced there is a small fire inside of me. My ribs and back are still keeping me in good pain company, but I she has found other party places than my ribs lately so I am so thankful for those small moments of relief! Other than that, I sleep a lot, and am counting down the days until our girl's arrival!

Cravings: Not really. I have been on a weird ranch kick though. I don't…well didn't…even like ranch but for some reason it always seems like a good idea now. 

Gender: Girl! Still working on the name…what's your favorite girl name?!

Mood: Extremely thankful for this little girl, and extremely anxious for this little girl…all balled into one. Can't wait to meet her!

Nursery: Well…we finally have a CRIB! Thank you Jeff for putting that bad boy together! We are working out all of the details for the rest! I can't wait to get the bedding and for it to all start coming together.

Sleep: Depends on the night, but it's really not too bad! When my husband was gone earlier this week I literally got about two hours of sleep, but other than that, we are rockin' it! My hips however act like they ran 5 marathons when they wake up.

What I Miss: Wine, subway sandwiches, and working out. Ahhh can't wait for that sandwich!

Belly Button in or out?  
In..but randomly out at the top. Kinda hard to explain. Haha. I'll just say now I know what the inside of my belly button looks like. So crazy!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Best Moment This Week:  Our anniversary, and knowing our little sweet pea is doing just fine in there cooking away!

Labor Signs: No..just having Braxton Hicks Contractions…

Looking Forward To: Finishing the nursery, seeing Laura's new little bundle of joy, my mom and aunt coming up, and enjoying a relaxing weekend with Jeff!
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