Thursday, May 30, 2013

the BIG two.four

It's funny how your outlook on age changes as you grow up. I remember myself in high school and hearing the word twenty-four and thinking how old that sounded. I thought it would take a lifetime to get to this age. However, it continues to fly by faster as the years go by.

This year has been the year of changes. Since I have turned twenty-three, I have...

Started my first teaching job  // 5.30.12

Bought our first house // 5.30.12

Got HITCHED  // 8.4.12 

Honeymooned it up in Punta Cana // 8.5.12

Got our first dog (child), Piper // 11.16.12

Went to Hawaii  // 3.14.12

Traveled to Costa Rica // 5.10.12

Finished my first year teaching...alive  // 5.23.12


I have a feeling this upcoming year will be a little less crazy, but I have no doubt there will be some interesting and exciting stories to post about.

So cheers to one of the best years of my life and another cheers for the rest to come. Let's party hard before I hit the big quarter of a century!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Guess what?!

Schooooool is out for the SUMMER!

Crank up the music, get your lounge chairs, and come join the party!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pura Vida

Pura Vida means "pure life" and that is pretty much how everyone I met in Costa Rica was like.

Laid back, so happy, enjoying life. I always love going to other places and seeing what their culture is like, but mostly I love seeing how different or the same the people who live there are.

Much like the Dominican Republic, the folks in Costa Rica were the nicest...ever. I am pretty sure they don't stop smiling. Not even to eat. Or sleep. Or anything else. They are just always happy and it is the most contagious thing ever. Hello America, get on it ya ol' grumps.

Going to the rainforest was incredible and I loved that it was somewhere I wouldn't normally go to on my own. And as you could see, I was pretty pumped just to see a volcano. Plus there is really nothing like being surrounded by plants, wildlife, and intense peacefulness. I swear there was no one else at that resort.

And then there was the Four Seasons.....

I fell in love with the beach location. Intense, romantic, crazy love. It was hard to depart, but after about ten mosquito (or some animal) bites later I realized it was too good to be true.

The place was just unbelievable. Every single little detail about it, I loved. The food, company, pools, beach, service, drinks, etc...etc...etc. It was above and beyond my expectations. As it always is I guess.

Every night but one there we had a dinner with the other couples who won the trip. It was like a wedding reception on crack. You almost felt like you were in a little fairytale.

We went scuba diving, yacht cruising, and dolphin watching. And we saw a ton o monkeys. Those little things look cute,  but sound mighty freaky.

Okay, now I am just depressed. I miss it so baaaadly already. Paradise itself.  I guess we had to leave it sooner or later.

Adios Costa Rica, see you on the flip side. Or next week.

I may just have to keep looking through these pictures to get me through these last few days of school. Talk about some summer ready kids....and teachers. Where are you summer?!

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