Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why do kids grow?

Please make it stop.

Without these kiddos I probably wouldn't even be cool.
Gray teaches me all about cool things like Star Wars and Avatar.
He likes to also have dancing contests with me, which I always lose at.
Oh, and legos. I never do it how he wants it.
 I am more of a go with the flow, and he is a let's follow the directions so we don't have crooked buildings. He is the smartest little man I know. True Story.
We even made a book together. It's about Power Rangers, legit.
He is patient with me when I have no idea what Jillian is saying and he translates things like, "She wants the car, Molly."
Ya, sorry I can't understand two year olds as well as you.

Jillian. Oh, Jillian. How I love you my dear.
Jillians teaches me how to chug.
Milk, duh.
She taught me that breast milk won't kill you when she spills it all over your legs because she grabbed the bag too hard on the bottom.
She teaches me daily that I should not put my keys on the table or she WILL start my car with it's remote.
She also likes to take my purse and put it on her arm and act like she is going in the garage.
"Bye Bye, Mawy."
It also never gets old when I walk through the door and I hear her sprinting, yelling my name and gives me the biggest two year old hug possible.
She makes my heart weak when she randomly sits next to me on the couch and says, "I love you, Mawy."
I have been with this baby girl since the day she arrived on this Earth.
I have watched her grow, be sick, cry, throw things, throw UP, be onry, smile, laugh, walk, crawl, and talk.
It has brought pure joy to my life. Sometimes frustration, but mostly so so much joy.

I have learned through the years that all kids really need is love.
True, faithful love.
I can almost not believe I only have two months left to watch them.
I hope they know they can't get away that easily from me.
 I am glad they will always have me though.
And I will always love them, no matter what.
I will try my hardest to keep in conact with them as the years go by.
If only I could just deal with them directly...can't wait until they have phones.

For some reason I have been thinking about my two kiddos.
Wondering about what will happen when I am gone.
Until then, I loving the living shiz out of them.
I really prefer if they stop growing though.
Gray is up  to my shoulders.
This is not okay.

Oh, btw the way, someone at work HOLE PUNCHED a PENNY today.
Is that even possible?
I guess it is.
Hercules must have been visiting Lawrence.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ain't nothing but a number.

I realized today I live in a 10 year old body.
I also realized I live in a 70 year old body.
I do not like the average of these two numbers.

I put on my big girl pants this morning, ran late as usual, and was off to teach my 4th graders. I really don't know how people do this everyday. I know it gets easier as the years go by but we did so much planning for one lesson, good golly a whole day could take a lifetime. Plus, we have the coolest fourth graders on earth so we didn't want them to be disappointed. Science experiments will do just the trick.

I was feeling normal. My own age. Low twenties. Ya know, responsible and prepared. Senior in college kind of age. Whatever that is suppose to be like. Either passed out in a bar or getting straight A's. Or having awesome grammar where you start sentences with "or" or "either. Only brilliant folks do that.
 I was at the school I teach at Monday/Wednesday and went to recess with the kids.
I watched the other teachers walk around like hawks looking sophisticated observing the playground for scrapes to repair or basketball fights to break up.
I couldn't do it.
I kept staring at the kids playing games.
I couldn't walk around the playground trying to find my next victim.
I tried the first time I went there.
I got in line for four square.
I couldn't help myself.
Game on.
Fourth graders must think teachers are old and can't ball at that game.
They are wrong.
BOOM I was in the leader square in the flash of their eyes.
When I got out they were so impressed with themselves.
"We even got the TEACHER out."
Even though I really don't think I was out.
 I told them this in a nice teacher voice way.
One boy tried to stick up for me, bless his little heart.

 I realized how grown up yet not so grown up I really am.
I don't want to sit at a desk all day.
I want to play.
I don't want to pay bills.
I want to get (dolla) bills.
I don't want to try to figure out my life.
I want to just live day by day going with the flow.
I just want to play on the playground people.
Then I got home from work today and I am dead.
Actually I am laying in bed right now.
Yes, it is 6:00 P.M.
I am so tired my eyes are struggling to stay open.
Now I am 70.
All in the drop of hat.
It amazes me.
However, when I'm 70 I hope I am still playing on the playground too.
AND still whooping children in basketball and four square.
I am mean like that.
Here is what I plan to look like at 70.

Rock on baby.

I wonder sometimes though how people balance it all.
How do you DO it?!
How do you balance a  fun and carefree attitude with adult duties you have because your birth certificate and drivers lisense says so. I feel like I am stuck sometimes trying to figure it all out. Which age do I want to be today?

I actually have a question for you.
If you had no idea how old you old would you be?
Interesting to think about huh.
For me, I'd be probably 18.
I do not act my age, only when I have to.
However, I am very responsible, respectful, and do what I gotta do to get my duties done successfully.
I still laugh when teacher say words like, "poop" and "anal" ya you get it.
I felt really uncomfortable typing that.
I think life is hilarous.
I don't know why everyone takes it so serious.
Even thought at many times I can find myself doing the same.
I think sometimes we forget to live a little.
Because REALLY life is only as serious as we make it.
(Even though bills and responsibilities are still included)
This is  a big boring rant but I find it quite interesting.

What's your number...tellllll me what's your number?
(sung in..."what's your flavor telllll me what's your flavor).
Now I am 15.

P to the S...Thank you for such fun and kind words on my post on how Jeff and I met.
Y'all are the bomb.COM

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How I Met You, My Love

I have been debating whether or not to go into this topic.  As the days go by I slowly get sucked into each blog who actually has a story on how the couple met. I get intrigued actually. It seems like every single couple meet up is different and special in some sort of way. Everyone has a story. In many cases it took many bad stories to end up with their dream story. Mine is kind of funny, not so romantic. Perfect. Mostly funny. I don't want to ever forget it. It would be VERY difficult to forget such an event, but I want to make sure that even is my brain poops out on me that I'll have it in the books.......Shall we?

First of all, I know many of you may know this but I have been nannying for a family here in town ever since I was a freshman in college. Funny I mention this right now because just 20 minutes ago I was sitting here looking at pictures over the past three years of them crying at how much they have grown up. I don't get why babies have to grow. Lord help my heart when I have a child. Anyway, back to the story. One day in the fall of 2008 I was standing in line with my 3 yr. old  best friend waiting in line to get my football tickets. This line was LONG. I was debating waiting in it because it was hot and I didn't think Gray would be able to hang out that long. I asked him if he wanted to leave but he was busy making friends with the students in front of us while hiding behind my legs when they talked to him.  I finally got  to the front of the ticket line after 30 minutes of waiting. I see you, who asked me the usual "can I have your ID" blah blah blah I hear everytime. Then he made me laugh. I will never forget that laugh. I will never forget how I felt when I left that building. I wish I could remember what it was about but I know it was when I was signing my signature to get my tickets. I left their thinking, "I wonder if I'll ever see him again." Hmmm. I don't know how A.) I remember that. I SUCK at remembering ANYTHING. B.) I remember exactly how I looked as I laughed and signed that piece of paper. Still confused on all that. However,  I left knowing I'd probably never see whoever this mystery man was who gave me my football tickets. I left not knowing that some day you were going to be my fiance.


It all continued one evening on November 1, 2008. I was a sophomore in college and he was an old fogie of a senior (technically-he was doing an internship). Wanna know how I got his attention? I drank about 4 whiskey and cokes with my roommate. Doubles. Oh yes, my glory days. I was done for. A sheet in the wind if you must say. It was after a win against our biggest rivals KState, so I was rearing to go. We got to the bar around 7. That speaks for itself. Anyway, after a couple hours went by I saw some people from my hometown and went to say hello. They were with a group of boys from a town close by my hometown. Remember, I'm three sheets in the wind here so I am miss social butterfly..or hummingbird. I told everyone I knew the bartender and was going to get everyone free drinks. You are probably thinking correctly, no I had no idea who the bartender was. Too bad too, I'm sure I cost someone some money that night. I also was stealing  borrowing peoples drinks after they ordered them if they looked away. Remember, three sheets in the wind. I look over and see a familiar face. I have no idea why it is familiar but I recall the sentence, "I know you from somewhere. Where have I seen you? YOU ARE MY TICKET MAN!" That is where ticket man began. When I was least expecting it. At that point I was over men. I was over it all. Until "you" came into my arms. He began as I was killing brain cells and having the time of my life. The rest of the night was  a big blurr other than the dancing, laughs, I'm sure falling over, and getting on the phone with someones dad telling him to come party. I love how I met my ticket man. I love it because it is so fun. So college. So random. So......perfectly meant to be. I woke up the next day in a blurr. I saw that I called someone the night before and put his name in my phone as "Jeffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff" . I wondered if I put his number in my phone, or if he gave it to me. I wondered once again, if I'd ever see him again.

Ticket Man thought it would be a good idea to creep on me on facebook and add me a day or two after our meet up (hehe).  I couldn't figure out if this was cute or creepy. Ticket Man texted me the next day.  He swept Miss Whiskey loving, I love bad boys who treat me like poo poo off of her feet. He took me to dinner, made me salads that had carrots made into hearts, slipped notes under my pillows,  and would surprise me with flowers. If there is a man in this world with a bigger heart than Ticket Man (okay maybe my dad and brothers) than I would like to see him. I fell in love with that boy's heart the day I met him and continue to each day. He has never been anything but supportive, kind, genuine, and real with me throughout these 2.5 years together. I can't wait to tell my kids that story of how we met. : /

I love you from the bottom of my heart T.M. Thanks for saving me on November 1, 2008. Thank you for showing me love, real true beautiful love. I'm glad to call you mine.

Monday, March 28, 2011

We Aren't in Kansas Anymore

So much to say, so much to say.
I am sad to announce I no longer have photobooth to take pictures of myself each day.
I know..I know. It'll be okay though, life will go on.
I missed you guys yesterday.
The road from MN to KS took over my life instead.
Wanna know something funny?
Kansas welcomed me back with SNOW. What? I think that was supposed to stay in MN.
As many of you know I ventured on up to Minnesota for a short spring break to see my lova.

It was nothing short of fabulous as it usually is.
Sunday had to come though, unfortunately.
I actually learned a few things this weekend.
A.) Minnesota folks somehow know us foreigners are NOT from their state. I don't get how they can tell so easssssily. Maybe it was the cowboy boots? OR maybe it was because I was wondering around town like a lost puppy? OR maybe because I didn't know how to talk with their sweet accents?
B.) I love love love going to other states and traveling in general. A LOT.
I love discovering and learning things I'd never known about before.
I discovered Trader Joes.

For some reason I felt like it was a must do (especially with all of you foodies out there talking about it) and was probably too excited about going there. I may or may not of had Jeff drive 20 minutes out of the way to go there. I almost cried when they didn't have chia seeds but I put my big girl pants on and carried on.
I also discovered Owatonna, MN.
Owatonna is a cute little town that Jeff lives in and I managed to get lost in.
I love going to new towns. It gets me excited to have no idea where I am going and just drive around and find cute little stores and diners.
I got to eat at an ammmmazing bagel diner. Old Town Bagels. You will be dreaming of bagels in your sleep if go here.

The bagels were so soft. I never even knew a bagel could be that soft and delicious.
They had bagel sandwhiches ranging from pb & bananas, to pizza bagels, to breakfast bagels.
I wanna go back. Right now.
I discovered that when you are in a bar in MN and yelling for KU, you will get stares because most of them really don't care if KU wins. Actually, most probably want them to lose. That's just how the cookie crumbies when you are a #1 seed. (Ya...I don't wanna talk about it).
They do, however, talk to you about Kansas. They dig Kansas. So do I.
 This is when  I discovered the Big 10 Zone.

Crown Shots. Yup.

This was the best out of the two. I think our waitress had more crown shots than us.

Team Federated took over this bar.
Literally. The entire bar.

Bubba Gumps was also something VERY new. VERY out of my element.
I am now obsessed.
I downed my Mahi Mahi in probably in 5.7minutes record time.
Another obsession?
Mall of America + Lola
That store capured me for a good 45 minutes.
I wish I had a picture but Jeff was sitting at the front of one of the stores next to the entrance.
I kept apologizing because I was taking so long.
Jeff: "Take your time I have a place to sit and I'm watching basketball on my phone."
I love you iphone.
The Mall of America was a highlight of the weekend. Holy 4 floors.

Jeff: "I don't think I've ever been to a mall for this long in my LIFE."
Ya, me either. We were there NINE hours. Wowzers.
Good thing he has basketball on his phone.
I wish I had a picture but Jeff was sitting at the front of one of the stores next to the entrance.
I kept apologizing because I was taking so long.
Jeff: "Take your time I have a place to sit and I'm watching basketball on my phone."
TGFI (Thank God for Iphones)
There were some things that also were quite normal. spending great quality time with my love.
Eating out with J. Steve (No Jeff, I haven't gotten off that yet.)
Watching Jeff fall asleep in chairs.

(I love you :))
Shopping with Jeff.
Watching KU ball.
Meeting new people.
These are all quite normal.
This is what makes being away from J so much easier.
It is so great when we are reuinited.
The team back in action.
The duo in full force.

Even though Minnesota treated me VERY well it is nice to be back in Kansas where I know my way around the streets and don't get crazy "who are you?" stares.
I miss the Minnesota accents already though.
Make it a good one :)
I am going grocery shopping.
Pray I don't spend my life savings again.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elite Eight

That is all.
Off to Minneapolis I go. Hi ho hi ho hi ho.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Job Status and Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday I got to thinking.
Yes, I know I think a lot but then time I was thinking hard.
Real hard.
Scratch your head hard.

I was at Jeff's co-worker's house and being introduced to his family.
Jeff's roommates girlfriend was also in town so we all got to meet them together.
Then a question was asked, "What's your major?"
I said Elementary.

Then they turned to the other gal and she said, "Well I'm going to be going to med school."
Instantly, they became interested asking all about the MCAT horror tests and goobaly gop I don't know anything about.
Then they were trying to figure out something later on about a Spanish word and for some reason thought the future doctor would know the answer. Hola, Me llamo Molly. See I know it too ;)
I think thought to myself...hmmm...what is SO different about a doctor and a teacher. Okay, a lot. (Y'all are brilliant. You saves lives. You try to take others pain away. You are AWESOME)
Obviously they have to be extremely extremely smart, dedicated, and trustworthy. But who said teacher's aren't either? I mean they don't like "technically" save lives....but really, they do. It's just not necessarily in the same sort of way. Doctors, I love you, trust me. I could NEVER EVERRRRRRR do what you do, but sometimes I think teacher's get gipped. I don't know how to spell gipped. I apologize. 
Teachers aren't dumbies. I hate when I hear people acting like being a teacher is such a piece of pie job with all giggles and smiles. No people, they poo their pants, they get mad, the learn at all different levels, and they are no where near independent.  Ya, it's not open heart surgery but it is a big deal. They need us to help them grow into young adults who will be good people and succeed with whatever they have a passion to grow up to be. They need US to become doctors, lawyers, CEO's, Presidents, and etc. I think people sometimes look over the fact that if these children were not taught how to do all of these things, then they simply wouldn't know how to do them.
That's my piece of mind at least.
I'm sure a lot of others differ.
I use to think the same thing though. I use to think, "How hard could it be to hang out with kids all day and teach them really cool things and do experiments and art?" HAHA
Ya, I am laughing at that one now.
It is hard.
It is ALOT of work.
Our reward?
Changing lives.
I wouldn't change that for the world.

Okay cool now that I got that off my chest. 
Sweet Sixteen.
6:30 P.M. Central Time.
Be there.

Am I obsessed with Jeff's Mac and Photobooth?
Obviously not.

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