Monday, March 31, 2014

Bumpdate - Week 13

(I'm actually 14 weeks yesterday , but I had to catch up from last week since it's now the ONLY picture I now have of the "bump dates")

Week 13, ahhhh the week I had been dying to get to. The week I just knew I'd feel a tiny tad less worried. Well, I'm still worried but I do feel better knowing that little sweet pea is still a growing, growing, and growing some more. Without the fetal doppler my sister-in-law let me borrow, pretty sure I'd still be worried all of the time. Is it just me or does everyone worry like I do?

I had "bumpdates" for all the previous weeks starting from week 4, but sadly my camera card decided to stop working and now they are all gone, gone, gone

So here we go…starting so fresh and clean at week 13. 

Excuse the dirty chalkboard…I tend to make a lot of mistakes ;)

So what has been going on this week? On Tuesday, I went to my doctor's appointment I scheduled in Cali after having some very scary spotting go down. Thank the Lord all looked good and baby's heart was beating away at 158 bpm! He/she kept moving while she was checking the heart beat and I have got to say that was one of the best feelings ever. Now I just can't wait to see the little one again on the sonogram in just a few short weeks (aka GENDER SONOGRAM!!!)

How far along? 13 weeks. Some say 2nd trimester and some say not, so we will go with my app and say 2nd trimester!

Baby Size: Peach

Maternity Clothes: None, but I am about to hit up some stores soon because my jeans are just not feeling this whole pregnant thang these days. Come to me maxi dresses and skirts! Work pants, you can retire.

Movement? Not yet, other than while listening on the doppler and hearing it move around. So dang cool.

Food cravings/adversions? Sweets are what's for dinner I swear. I don't know what it is but lately I have just wanted anything sweet. It's the weirdest thing because I've never ever wanted it that bad and maybe it's all in my headbut oh my lanta it's getting a little out of hand. I still am not feeling anything I make for dinner. I'll eat it, but everything sounds no bueno.

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness? Negative. Thankful for that!!

What I miss: Just my energy. Wait, I forgot what that was.

Symptoms?  Other than the spotting and extreme exhaustionnot too much of anything. I've had a few "growing" pains (I think that's what they are) but nothing too bad. 

Best moment this week? Announcing Baby S's arrival on good ol' social media. It's nice to finally get it OUT and be able to talk about the precious little one that has been cooking away. 

Workouts: Yeah.about that. This is the first week I have an excuse though, doc said to lay low and I'm obliging ;) I am going to start walking everyday though because I know baby and I need some action. Now if only someone could teach me how to not be scared I'm going to hurt little one while exercising that'd be great!

Gender:  I've thought girl all along until last week's sonogram we took while in California. I am still pretty certain on the girl feeling, but now I'm kind of up in the air. We shall see soon! We find out April 16th! Yippee!

Daddy-isms of The Week: Throughout our entire trip Jeff would continue to go up to people and show them the sonogram that is the background on his phone like a proud daddy. I loved/love hearing him talk to people about our news.

Sleep? Still pretty good! Bought a bump nest pillow and it is the BOMB! I don't think I probably need it yet, but I'm an awful sleeper anyway and it is seriously amazing.

What I'm looking forward to? GENDER SONOGRAM! C'mon April 16th! We also have an appointment scheduled for April 9th to check baby out. I love love hearing his or her little heartbeat. 

Wisdom or other thoughts? Once again, God is showing me He is guiding my through this pregnancy hand in hand. I've had a few scares and He has showed me that he is there and everything is going be alright. I could never in a million years thank Him enough for our little miracle.

And fetal dopplers are the best anxiety relief I'm pretty sure I could get during pregnancy. I listen to the little heartbeat every day and it makes me just as happy and excited every single time. Best invention ever!! And thank you Ashley for letting me borrow it :)


Jamie said...

You look great! Finding out the gender is the best part.

Kristin said...

love the chalkboard update! can't wait to hear whether it is a boy or girl.

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