Sunday, March 2, 2014

Calling all sunshine….

If I recall correctly, it is March 2nd…..right?

As I am looking out my window, all I see is white white white. And all I feel is cold cold cold. Feels like -14 to be exact. Little groundhog, we cannot be friends

However, if I get out of school tomorrow…I have never loved the white and cold so much! Crossing my fingers for another snow day. We can only hope!

I finally have California in my sights now so I can finally dream of sunshine, laying out at the pool, and laying out at the pool some more. It is SERIOUSLY bad for my bank account though because all I can do is sit inside and hibernate and look at spring/summer clothes.

This is sold out and I may cry. Dottie Couture

Shop Hopes
Okay, now you can come SPRING. I am ready for you!!


Liza P said...

Where are you going in Cali? Sounds relaxing!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

Just found your cute blog! ]
What part of Cali? That's my neck of the woods~!

Would love for you to ​Come link up your top 5 things you cannot live without! Showered With Design

Anchors the Soul said...

LOVE all things from Dottie Couture :) That dress is amazing!

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