Wednesday, January 2, 2013

lessons learned

I've started realizing a few things the start of this new year. Learned a few things in fact.

One thing I realized is that I cannot handle drinking more than a few drinks. Can we say lightweight? The picture below shows what we did yesterday. Straight up nothing. But slept. And ate. That's it. 

Okay I suppose I did take down all the Christmas decorations. That was around 8 PM when I actually "woke up". How I use to start getting ready to go out at 11 PM, I will never ever know.

I also realized today that I am awful at CPR. Almost the laughing stock of the group. I couldn't get the dang manikin to breathe. I kept killing the poor guy. I almost started feeling bad. So let's all hope and pray I don't have to save anyones life soon. Or attempt to that is.

Last thing I realized is I need to start taking way more pictures. I need to document staying up until midnight while I can.  Then I can also document the lame recipes I have been making. Here I am trying to be a good wife and these recipes are making me look quite awful. I even got the comment, "It tastes like a weight watchers meal..." touche. touche.  Okay okay he did say it was good, but that comment did somehow, somewhere come out of his pretty little mouth. Maybe I won't be looking into  Biggest Loser recipes anymore.

Happy first day back to work all. Hope you aren't as dead as me :)

And the students are coming back tomorrow....dun dun dunnnnn.


Penny said...

I say good for you for trying something different! That's the only way you find good recipes is by trying new ones.

Megan G. said...

Check out Pioneer Woman's cookbook, she has a lot of great recipes to try with photos of all the steps to take! :)

You'll get better at CPR, I know it!!

Benlovesting said...

Lovely blog! x

Leanna Vera said...

I'm with you on the pictures! I always wish I had more photos of visits with friends.

Have you tried any of the Skinny Taste recipes? They're healthy, tasty and easy to make!

Linny said...

I loved the weight watchers meal comment! Too funny. I also love your wedding-date pillow. That is precious! Happy 2013.

Molly Jac said...


Amanda said...

Yeah, I can't handle drinking anymore either. New Year's Day I slept til 1pm and yesterday I slept til about noon. I need to stop going out so hard...oops!

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