Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday {Sprinkles}

Happy Wednesday!

Yes, weddings CAN involve sprinkles...who woulda thunk it?!

Not me!

However, the ever so addicting pinterest proved me wrong once again. I swear my life would just not be the same without that site, nor would our wedding.  So yesterday as I was browsing through the site as usual and something caught me eye. It looked like this.


If you can't tell what this is a handful of perdy little sprinkles with a ring in the middle. However, what the picture is there for is to show that this bride and groom had their guest throw SPRINKLES instead of rice, bubbles, etc as they exited the church. How fun! I love the idea...a lot. On the picture it also said "for the sweetest day of their lives", which I think you could make cute little tags for and put them in little bags to hand out.  Love it and definitely want to do something fun like this for our big day.

Then I saw this.


I was freaking in love. So perfect, especially for us. We probably won't be sending this as our invitation but I just thought it was too great not to share. If you haven't heard the whole story, you can check that gem out here. It's a good one if I must say so myself.

Y'all better watch out in December because Wedding Wednesdays are going to be HAPPENIN. Need to get a million and a half things done and DECIDED on. Engagment pictures this SUNDAY! Can't wait :)


ashleigh said...

i love both of those!

sprinkles yes!!

Steph said...

Love pinterest for wedding inspiration! And btw I just read your engagement story and got butterflys! It made me remember that magical moment. When is your big day?

Lindsay said...

I love the sprinkle idea but I had a thought. Had you ever noticed that if you hold some of those in your hands the color tends to melt onto your hand? You wouldn't want to get color on your pretty white dress. Just a thought! :-)

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Marian said...

So Perfect!! Love it!

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